The NetCheque® network payment system
The NetCheque® payment system is an electronic payment system for the Internet developed by Clifford Neuman and Ari Medvinsky at the Information Sciences Institute of the University of Southern California. At present the implementation is a research prototype and is available for licensing by companies implementing commercial payment service. It is not presently supported as consumer product or service. Small companies and individuals looking for a way to accept payment on the web may find the tutorial material on this site useful, but until the NetCheque system is offered as a commercial service, it is not an option available for their use. Direct questions and requests to

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Users registered with NetCheque accounting servers are able to write electronic checks to other users. These checks may be sent through e-mail or as payment for services provided through other network protocols. When deposited, the check authorizes the transfer of account balances from the account against which the check was drawn to the account to which the check was deposited.

The strengths of the NetCheque system are its security, reliability, scalability, and efficiency. Signatures on checks are authenticated using Kerberos. Reliability and scalability are provided by using multiple accounting servers. The NetCheque system is well suited for clearing micropayments; its use of conventional cryptography makes it more efficient than systems based on public key cryptography. The NetCheque system will enable creation of new Internet services that charge small fees, on the order of pennies, for access to information, processing queries, and consumption of resources. Such services are a critical component of electronic commerce.

Anonymous Network Payment using NetCash

Payments using the NetCheque payment system originate from named user accounts. ISI has also developed a research prototype for an electronic currency system called NetCash supporting anonymous payments. NetCash will use the NetCheque system to clear payments between currency servers.

Transaction Support for Web Purchases through PPV

Pay Per View (PPV) is a transaction handling protocol for use on the World Wide Web (WWW) developed in 1995 as part of the NetCash and NetCheque payment systems. Using PPV, merchant WWW servers make certain documents available on a pay-per-view basis. PPV is built on top of ARDP and HTTP for transport, and the software developed for PPV accepts both NetCheque and NetCash payments.
The NetCheque® name is a registered service mark of the Universty of Southern California. The NetCheque logo is a service mark of the Univeristy of Southern California and is Copyright ©1995 by the University of Southern California.
NetCheque was Developed by USC/ISI's GOST Group